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2005 Concours Results

2005 Concours Results

F. Scot Seegers Classic Motorcycle Award

Derek Ogden, 1969 Scott Flying Squirrel

Motorcycle of Most Technical Interest

Henry Hogben, 1947 Ducati Cucciolo in a Wander Bicycle Frame

Featured Marque – Ducati


1st: John Henry, 1963 Diana Mk 3
2nd: Scott Swaltek, 1975 Super Sport
3rd: Chuck Stone, 1979 900 Super Sport

British & European Classes

British & European Veteran (pre-1952)

1st: Erick Smith, 1921 Dene
2nd: John Smagach, 1928 Douglas
3rd: Jan Wiley, 1951 Vincent Comet

British & European Vintage (1952-1962)

1st: Tony Miller, 1961 BSA
2nd: Bernie Van Leer, 1961 BSA
3rd: Sean Dwyer, Vincent B Shadow

British & European Classic (post 1962)

1st: Mike Mutter, 1970 Velocette
2nd: Derek Ogden, 1963 Scott Flying Squirrel
3rd: Jeremy Moyes, 1963 BSA A10

British & European Single Cylinder

1st: Jeff Simmons, 1956 Norton ES2
2nd: Marty Culver, 1969 BSA Victor Special
3rd: R.W. McNally, 1946 Matchless G3L

German Vintage (up to 1969)

1st: Drew Payne, R69US
2nd: Cloyd Spahr, R69
3rd: Cloyd Spahr, R27

German Classic (1970–1983)

1st: Louis Dahl, 1978 R100RS Motorsport
2nd: 1977 R100RS
3rd: 1978 R100RS Motorsport

Norton Commandos

1st: Frank Dougherty, 1973 850 Roadster
2nd: John Ritter, 1975 850 Interstate
3rd: Angel Sturges, 1975 850 Roadster

Other European

1st: Craig Comontofski, 1967 Husqavarna
Military model with skis
2nd: Craig Comontofski, 1971 Husquvarna 360
3rd: Joe Hottenstein, 1968 Benelli Barracuda

Triumph Twins (‘63-up, pre oil-in-frame)

1st: Freddy Broadway, 1969 TR6
2nd: Gary Savage, 1969 T120R
3rd: Bruce Hewitt, 1970 TR6R

Triumph Twins (oil-in-frame models 1971–1983)

1st: Allen Keller, 1976 Bonneville
2nd: Steve Bottieri, Jr., 1979 Bonneville
3rd: Jeff Hawkins, 1979 Bonneville

BSA & Triumph Triples

1st: Martin Aldred, 1969 BSA Rocket III
2nd: Gary Savage, 1975 Triumph Trident
3rd: George Krichten, 1973 Triumph Trident

BSA Twins (Post 1962)

1st: Mike Boros, 1970 Thunderbolt
2nd: Garland Gentry, 1967 Spitfire
3rd: Bill Inins, 1968 Firebird

British & European Specials

1st: Jack Ward, 1965 BSA
2nd: Howard Preston, 1971 BSA
3rd: John Head, 1968 Norton

British & European Custom

1st: Ed Oot, 1970 Triumph
2nd: Phil Falkenklous, BSA A65
3rd: Steve Callaway, 1962 Triumph

British & European Competition Road

1st: Jim Foster, Triumph TR5T
2nd: Bill Bailey, 1959 Norton Manx
3rd: Jeff Hawkins, 1979 Bonnevill

  British & European Competition Off-Road

1st: Dave Kirk, 1964 BSA C15 Trials
2nd: Bill Blackwood, Triumph Trackmaster
3rd: Wolf Cycles, Triumph Flattracker