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Judged Concours show for British, European & Japanese motorcycles model year 1985 and older.

There is no extra charge for the Concours. Just pay the admission fee at the gate and park your bike in the lineup according to the posted signs, then go to the Concours Registration booth and fill out an information sheet to hang on your bike. Only machines with British, European or Japanese motorcycle engines manufactured on or before model year 1985 are eligible for the Concours.

Registration for the Concours closes at 12:30 p.m. Judging begins at 1:00 p.m.

The Categories listed below are subject to change.

Two special awards are selected by the Classic Motorcycle Day board. The Bill Ford Memorial Classic Motorcycle Award (Best in Show) is given to the person or motorcycle that represents the best of classic motorcycling. The (Best of Marque) is awarded for the machine that represents the Marque (BSA – Note: Selection for this award could be selected from any of this year’s classes).

Judges will hang “Honorable Mention” ribbons on all class winners (trophy winners & honorable mention winners). You will know before the trophy presentations if your bike is in the running for a trophy.

For more information on judging rules, click here

2023 Concours Classes and Number of Awards

Featured Marques: BSA

BSA Singles – 2 trophies
BSA Twins
– 2 trophies

Vintage (up to 1951)

British, European and Japanese – 2 trophies

Veteran (1952–1965)

British, European and Japanese – 2 trophies

British Triples

Triumph, BSA, Other – 2 trophies

British Classic (1966–1985)

Triumph – 2 trophies
– 2 trophies
Other British – 2 trophies

European Classic (1966–1985)

BMW – 2 trophies
– 2 trophies
Other European
– 2 trophies

Japanese (up to 1985)

Honda – 2 trophies
– 2 trophies
Kawasaki – 2 trophies
Suzuki – 2 trophies
Other Japanese – 2 trophies

Custom (All Makes up to 1985)

British, European and Japanese – 2 trophies

Competition (All Makes up to 1985)

British, European and Japanese – 2 trophies

Special Awards

Best in Show – 1 trophy
Best of Marque (BSA)
– 1 trophy

NOTE: Best of Marque (BSA) could come from any category.

Subject to change
Featured marques will rotate between Japanese, European and British every year