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2009 Concours Results

F. Scot Seegers Classic Motorcycle Award

1960 Velocette, R. Price

Motorcycle of Most Technical Interest

1937 Matchless Model X, Sam Jackson

Featured Marque – Norton-Matchless-AJS

Matchless/AJS Singles
1st—RW McEnally, 1941 Matchless G3L
2nd—RW McEnally, 1957 Matchless G3-80CS

Matchless/AJS Twins
1st—Sam Jackson, 1937 Matchless model X
2nd—Mustafa Tehran, Matchless G12

Matchless/Norton/AJS Competition
1st—RW McEnally, 1966 Matchless G85CS

Matchless/Norton/AJS Specials & Customs
1st—Darrel Ricketts, 1974 Norton Commando Roadster
2nd —Jeff Millman, 1971 Colorado Norton Works Commando
3rd—Nick Wilson, 1971 Norton Commando “S”

Norton/Matchless Hybrids
1st—Rich Hosley, 1965 Matchless G15 CSR
2nd—Kerry Grubb, 1964 Matchless G15CS

Norton Pre-Commando
1st—Bob Lincoln, 1946 M18
2nd—Kevin Grubbs, 1925 16H
3rd—Farham Tehrani, 1940 16H

Norton Commando Low Production
1st—Blair Chapman, 1968 Fastback
2nd—Nick Wilson, 1969 “S”

Norton Commando Interstate
1st—John Ritter, 1975
2nd—John Canon, 1975
3rd—Tom Glinka, 1972

Norton 750 Commando Roadsters
1st—Richard Colahan, 1971
2nd—Fred Wise, 1969 “S”
3rd—John Shelton, 1970 “S

Norton 850 Commando Roadsters
1st—Dale Findley 1975 MKIII
2nd—Frank Dougherty, 1973
3rd—Pat Albee, 1975 MKIII

British & European Classes

British & European Veteran (pre-1952)
1st—Kevin Grubbs, 1913 Rudge Multi
2nd—John Leech, 1948 Triumph T100
3rd—Bob Tyson, 1950 Sunbeam S8

British & European Vintage (1952-1962)
1st—Joe Hottenstein, 1952 Triumph TR5
2nd—Kevin Grubbs, 1952 BSA A7
3rd—Jim Foster, 1955 Ariel SQ4

British & European Classic (post 1962)
1st—Jim Foster, 1966 Triumph T120
2nd—Ron Ginger, 1969 Royal Enfield
3rd—D. Bartnik, 1966 BSA Hornet

British & European Specials
1st—Mike Kusch, 1971 Triumph
2nd—Howard Preston, 1971 BSA
3rd—Chris Newton, 1956 BSA

British & European Custom
1st—Chuck Abrams, 1977 Triumph
2nd—Joe Lara, 1967 Triumph
3rd—M&J Racing, 1955 Triumph

British & European Competition Off-Road
1st—Ray Laforce, BSA Trail Bronc
2nd—Ron Cubbage, Greeves TFS Trials
3rd—Doug Bane, Montesa Cota 247

British & European Competition Road
1st—Bob McKeever, 1948 Norton Manx
2nd—Bob McKeever, 1937 Norton Racer
3rd—John Gallivan, 1969 Triuimph Daytona

British & European Single Cylinder
1st—Rich Colahan, 1956 BSA DBD34
2nd—Rich Price, 1960 Velocette MSS
3rd—Dennis Brown, 1951 Royal Enfield “S”

German Vintage (up to 1969)
1st—Gary Lindsey, BMW R68
2nd—Dan Blair, BMW R50/2
3rd—Cloyd Spahr, BMW R27

German Classic (1970-1983)
1st—Bill Crookston, 1976 BMW R90S
2nd—Bill Dudley, 1975 BMW R90SM
3rd—Mark Lipschitz, 1978 BMW R100RS

1st—Peter Callas, 1960 MV Agusta Single
2nd—Larry Paddock, 1977 Ducati 900SS
3rd—Randy Creel, 1966 Benelli 125

Other European
1st—Mike Tiberio, 1974 Moto Guzzi Eldorado

BSA Twins (post 1962)
1st—Rich Lovegrin, 1968 Lightning
2nd—Martin Culver, 1961 Lightning
3rd—Rich Batzer, 1968

BSA/Triumph Triples
1st—John Smith, 1974 Trident
2nd—Cate Donovan, 1969 BSA Rocket III
3rd—John Bunch, 1973 Trident

Triumph Twins (pre oil-in-frame)
1st—Maurice Herbert, 1970 TR6C
2nd—Jim Foster, 1968 T100C
3rd—Fred Broadway, 1969 TR6C

Triumph Twins (oil-in-frame)
1st—Jim Foster, 1973 TR5T
2nd—Jack Rawlings, 1979 T140
3rd—Mr. Curtis, 1973 T140

Support Classes

Enfield Bullet Owners Club Award
Robert Dew, 2008 E-start W/Chair

Hinckley Triumph Award
John Malin, 1997 T595 Daytona